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j3, zos, u, r, gk, 1o, c, 4, 4, n, h, kxl, re, 5um, idz, 0, dpt, kil, 9bj, ABOUT – ZEAWII

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http://www.imprimthese.com/11350-dtf74356-rencontre-gratuit-tchat.html Phillip has had 18 years experience in the architectural design profession, starting as a CAD technician working on AutoCAD version 12, through to 11 years running his own architectural design practice in Central Otago, New Zealand.  

http://christschoolthandavapura.org/574-ph48873-prezzo-plaquenil-200.html During this time as a business owner, it became clear to Phillip that to be competitive in today‚Äôs market you needed the best tools available and to use them in the most efficient way. This led to Phillip exploring the Revit API and designing tools that provided the much needed productivity boost that was required in his business.  

Phillip is now full time working in the Kiwi Codes business, providing Revit API solutions for clients throughout the world.

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Contact Details

Auckland Office

32 Vauxhall Road

Devonport Auckland


Alexandra Office

51 Symes Road


Central Otago

New Zealand 9392

New Zealand Ph No.  +64 9 889 1397

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